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SCN1310: Science of Life

This course explores biological concepts that relate to how an individual cell or organism functions. The study of molecular and cellular structure and function will be applied to such areas as nutrition, metabolism, physical fitness, and how the organ systems work together to maintain the body. In addition, emphasis will be placed upon unifying biological themes and the role of humans and other organisms in the biosphere.

Search for Life in the Universe

SCN1320: Search for Life in the Universe

Study of the information necessary to make estimates of the probability of extraterrestrial life, what characteristics it might have and how we might expect to communicate with it if it exists. Subjects considered are the structure/origin/evolution of the universe, galaxies, stars, our solar system and the Earth; and biological and chemical signatures of life.

Sea Turtle photo

SCN1330: Oceanography

Study of physical processes and biological communities in the ocean. Subjects considered include the origin and evolution of the ocean, the nature of sea water, ocean currents, tides, deep sea, coastal and reef communities, and human use of marine resources and impacts of man on the sea.

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