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Gorilla photo by Prof. Philips

SCN2471: Environmental Technology

Study of the interrelationships between environmental science, technology and the environment. Technological causes and solutions to environmental problems , including climate change, air and water pollution, pest control, toxic substances and endangered species.


SCN2472: Biotechnology

This course begins with a review of basic biological principles, followed by an overview of how DNA and protein molecules are manipulated in the laboratory. Ethical and practical applications of such technology will be explored, including genetic engineering, forensics, the Human Genome Project, and gene therapy. Topics in animal, medical, and plant biotechnology will also be studied, including animal cloning, artificial organs and xenotransplantation, reproductive technologies, farming and aquaculture, and genetically modified crops. Independent study will focus on the ethical and financial challenges faced by biotechnology companies in bringing products to market.

Tesla coil in operation

SCN2473: Electronic Technology

Study of the application of basic scientific principles and computational skills that allow the understanding of current and potential future thrusts in electronics, computing, microsystems and nanotechnologies.

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